uhhuh Happiness Kills
Happiness Kills
I'm watching one alien eat another alien's asshole, I dunno.

Melody, 19.

come talk to me about robots and stuff, dude.

Aw yeah Deena just traded me a yellow bar tee for a hermit crab

I’m looking so ridiculously cute today

What just happened with her umbrella. that’s completely impossible

I’m watching Psycho Gothic Lolita. I was a little leery at first, but it was worth it. It’s very ham fisted?


I think that’s the bit I love most about reading for pleasure, and to some of the same extent, writing; You are taking and choosing a story, inviting it into your mind to let it sing to you and change how you think about things, or perhaps not change them at all, but strengthen what you already believe or know. And the whole time you are listening to this crafted song of plot and characters, and if the song should sound wrong or off key, you are fully allowed to usher the story away and shut the door tight, or sit through a few measures to see if it will improve. And even after the song is done, it echoes and replays pieces of itself, and sometimes you find a discordant part actually harmonizes with a piece from earlier or later in the work. And even though the story is done and read, sometimes it’ll still be there, sitting in your soul like an old friend as you carry it with you - all it’s lessons, all it’s joy and sorrow and love and loss, all it’s anger and rage and despair are in some part yours now, and you are changed by the power of a few mere words.

And I think that’s amazing.


About how I made a new friend a couple of weeks ago who was SUPER cool and nice and interesting. We even followed each other on tumblr and I found out that we have a mutual friend. She also likes WTNV and robots like whoaa

I haven’t talked to her in a while so I feel a little bad but if you see this KNOW that I think you are just the raddest

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