Wait, some of you aren’t digging the new Zelda game’s look? ⊟

I’m surprised to see how many people are upset over Link’s feminine design or the game’s overall aesthetic. This all looks gorgeous to me! This official art is wallpaper-level, and I could stare at these GIFs (via Anthony) all afternoon.

Anyway, the Wii U game is expected to release some time next year, and is pitched as “the first truly open world in a game from the series”.

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Pokemon doodles! I finally got out from some terrible artblock, I couldn’t draw a thing for two weeks D: (I’m sorry for the lack of updates!) I have exams this week but then I’ll try to update more often :) At least I hope so!

…who stepped through the great door of Vault 101 and into the annals of legend. But the tale of humanity will never come to a close, for the struggle of survival is a war without end, and war – war never changes.

Title: Far Horizons
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Far Horizons